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Gardening….and how much work it can take…

I grew up with gardens. Two large ones where my parents grew our vegetables that we ate fresh, and that my mother canned and we ate throughout the winter. Two things they didn’t plant were potatoes and corn. I’m not sure why. Just about most of the common vegetables were there, though; green beans, asparagus, tomatoes galore, salad greens of all sorts, carrots, beets, sweet peas, cucumbers and dill weed, chives and green onions, swiss chard and more.

As kids, it was our job to weed two rows every day in the summer – a job my older brother HATED but one I felt grounded in doing. It is no surprise that he didn’t like most vegetables, but I Ioved them all. My mother taught me how to can them and it really did make me feel like I was learning some really valuable life lessons, because I was. I canned for many years when I was on my own, but unfortunately, unless you grew your own food in large quantities, it became uneconomical to keep doing it. As that craze increased in popularity, the canning equipment, like jars and covers, became more expensive as the demand for them rose. That’s typical of anything. Plus, you need plenty of space to store your canned goods.

Soil is key to a good garden, and gardens must be kept watered. All gardens, flowers and vegetables, alike. I thought that by saving all my food scraps from my fruits and vegetables and throwing them all winter on top of my gardens, and then turning them over in the spring to mix with the dirt, was all the nutrients I needed to add. I used organic foods scraps, I had LOTS of worms and worms produce waste that fertilizes your soil. I would start my plants indoors in March or April and be able to plant them sometimes even a month early, depending on our weather here in the northern USA. My plants would start to thrive and I would see the blooming of their flowers, which I knew would turn into my food. I would see the start of a zucchini, or broccoli and feel happy. Then about a week later, I would see the vegetable start to turn yellow, or dry up, even though I was watering. It was hard to work outside the house in the summer and keep up the watering because I was coming home late and I didn’t want to stand outside when it was dark.

My vegetable gardening friends would have bountiful fruits of their labor. Tons of tomatoes… So, I started putting some of them in pots. Same thing. I could have six feet tall plants of tomatoes that looked healthy and see the flowers start, and then they would die off. I was so disappointed. I didn’t really know what to do. I looked into different ways of gardening (but didn’t try some of them) like gardening in bales of straw, raised gardens, trellises or other ways for things to climb. I swear I spent hundreds of dollars trying to get a few platefuls of food.

I noticed, though, that I didn’t have many bees or butterflies. I heard that others had many. I’m sure not having enough pollinators was creating an issue for me. Maybe my plants just didn’t entice them to come. I mean, how could someone less than a mile from me not have the same problem? The one thing I wasn’t doing was adding new top soil to my gardens. I remember many years back that same brother was adding sheep manure to some plants he was growing and he said it was quite effective.

So, this year I changed how I treated my soil. I added top soil, cow manure, earthworm casings, and organic fertilizers. I still throw my kitchen scraps on my gardens. I water, nightly, if it hadn’t rained. I do my best to keep the weeds out of the vegetable gardens, but the flower gardens aren’t as clean looking, this year… it has paid off. I am getting more blossoms that are turning into food. My plants are huge in one garden and I think I will get lucky this year. I think that I have been sharing with the bunnies and squirrels, even though I feed them to buy them off. I’ve noticed that I have corn growing that I didn’t plant… It looks like I could get a bumper crop of potatoes. I used the eyes of my organic potatoes that were growing in my refrigerator. It worked.

I joined a group who are trying to keep natural ways of gardening alive. They claim there are ways to grow, anywhere. I just watched six modules how to plant in buckets. I had no idea how many steps my own pots were lacking, and why these steps are so necessary. I haven’t tried them as I need different supplies to create these. These aren’t pots, but translucent 3.5 gallon buckets that you can use in the house all winter long. Obviously, they won’t produce the same amount as a garden outside, but they may be good enough to plant herbs, or one plant per bucket, if it is a larger plant. I have great south windows that they can stay in front of – away from my plant destructive cats.

It is good that I don’t need to depend on my gardening for my food supply. Maybe someday I will. I am learning some very good skills. I am learning how to compost in small amounts so that it is ready sooner. The ingredients in the buckets can be used over again, and it makes up a part of your new compost. I hope they are selling straw, still, as it is an important ingredient for the buckets.

I WILL master this.


How discouraging thoughts can create resistance for your goals…

We all have them… even the best thinkers run into blocks, and resistance, and old subconscious tapes that no longer serve us, even if they did in our youth.  These old tapes protected us, on some level.  When you were born, and acclimated to this world, you did not know (or should I say, remember) fear.  You did not know that if you climbed a tree and fell out, that you would get hurt.  You just saw the climbing of the tree will get you to a higher place.  I loved being alone as a child, for many reasons.  I would climb trees.  Not only did it bring me to higher ground where I could see things differently, and see more of the land, but it kept me in a quiet place where I could meditate, think about things that I thought could get me in trouble.  For example, I never felt like I was alone.  I don’t mean that God wasn’t with me, as I knew God was always there.  I felt that I was being watched, and how do you tell that to someone without the fear of being locked up? I can see air, and I have told this to a few people, and some look at me like I am nuts.  I realize that I am able to see this energy, or maybe this is what Dr.Wayne Dyer calls Intention, everywhere I go – eyes open or shut.  Another has described it for me, Dr. Jacob Liberman, in his book “Light, Medicine of the Future” “that air was not invisible, but has a visible energy that could be observed in both particle and wave form.”

As I progressed on my journey in life, I realized that who was watching me were my angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and all that is Holy.  It took outsiders to tell me along the way, that spirit was always trying to get my attention. My own clients pointed out my Empathic gifts. I used them, because that is who I am, but I didn’t always trust its’ messages.  As I accepted this to be true, I realized that others in my family had similar gifts, or “knowings”. And now, I speak to anyone I choose about these things.  So, even though I knew there was an energy, per se, that permeated everything, and that it was at my fingertips to use, I didn’t know how to do that.  Again, in my journey of life, I discovered that the old tapes in my head were no longer useful to me, and instead of protecting me, were actually harming me, and keeping me from my life purpose, and it manifested many times in my finances.  Painful lessons. Still dealing with some of the side effects..

That created discouragement, in turn, created self doubts (lack of confidence in yourself), self worth issues (says it all..), and self doubting efficacy problems (belief you can reach that goal you – imaginarily set? – and sustain in that momentum – that same behavior – that started it all, and can you keep it going?),  in getting done the things that I needed to do to continue in my life’s vocation, and manifest wealth. Whew!  Did THAT sentence wear you out?!  It did me. And, will still wear me down if I keep putting my intention in that direction.  It doesn’t make sense to continue in this fashion… hmmm..  What has all that cost me; past, present, AND FUTURE? Let me count the ways.. Money, time for myself, time for my loved ones, sickness in my body, using things to compensate, over working, over thinking, spilling into my family life, spreading the same rules of self sabotage… not paying attention, hits the pocketbook, unclear thinking, much less focus on a path, wrinkles in face forming, another three pounds… Debt piles, pay it off, piles again, have some money, give it away – good way to stay in self doubt and worth.  No, life meant growth, but not negative growth, because that’s the opposite of expansion.  That’s implosion – not good. Causes stress and disease in the body, manifests into illness, that eventually doubles the expenses to me.  Sounds like getting rid of the blocks is a very good idea! Yes!! Are you ready? ‘Cuz I Am!!!!!

I procrastinated, told myself that it’s others and not me, and all the other self sabotaging thoughts that kept me from fully using my gifts…. that I SUPPOSEDLY thanked God for giving me! I know very well that I helped many people heal, but I didn’t want to do that as a “wounded warrior”.  That created a feeling of not being in my own integrity.  How could I tell others that “this” works, but wondered inside if that was also meant for me.  So, I knew I needed to do  my own inner work, as well.  I remember Suze Orman saying once that she had 250K (I believe) in debt, yet she was doing wealth coaching.  Of course, she turned it around, but sometimes we have to get to a position to see ourselves; therefore, heal ourselves, so we can help heal others.  I always see myself in all that I tell my clients, and in all that I read.  I take action, then.  If you have been divorced, you CANNOT talk to someone about divorce without seeing your own divorce, and the pain that caused. You can’t unsee. Once you become aware of the blocks in your life that keep you from manifesting – health, wealth, and true joy – then can you change their destructive thinking patterns.  There are tools you can use.

There is no 1% in the way that UNLIMITED Abundance means, it’s just that – God has no limits to what we ask in His Name, in His Laws, however you describe your Highest Power. Absolutely everyone can make money, if that’s where your focus is.  But, what blocks are getting in your way?  The Law of Attraction has ALWAYS been spoken off, in my belief system as a Christian, and I now understand even better some of Christ’s references – “if you had the faith of a mustard seed, you would tell that mountain to get up and move, and it would”.  “Be not afraid…” “Before you ask, I will answer”, BEFORE YOU ASK!! means to me Someone greater than me has been there.  Did I paraphrase that well?  The only blocks this energy has, are the ones you put on it.  Remove them and let the energy flow, and as you gain momentum on your healing path, many seemingly miraculous things can happen.  Just crack open the door…just a bit…

And, LOVE is key. Practice Love wherever you can, and don’t forget yourself.  You are a unique expression of Source.  Be authentic, because whatever is going on inside of you, will extend to others.  May it be peace and love and joy.

Stress – the body’s reaction to perception… hmmmm….     Would love to hear your positive comments.

Mary EK Denison, L. Ac., Transformational Coach

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COMMITTMENT: EVERY DAY, plain and simple.

New year. Every January I go through old files, purging those not needed, and gathering my information for my taxes, to give to my preparer.  I have been making some daily habits to improve myself, my life, and my business.  I am always seeking new things.  I daily find things for which to be grateful. I daily find at least two ways to honor someone, somehow.  I daily pray. I daily do my EFT tapping and participate in learning new and better ways to coach my clients, encouraging them to do things daily, also, as that is the only way to manifest.  In my papers, I came across this piece written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German Philosopher, who died March 22, 1832, in Weimar, Germany.

“Until ONE IS COMMITTED, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.  Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, THEN PROVIDENCE MOVES, TOO. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.  A whole stream of events issue from that decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.”



Mary EK Denison, L.Ac., Esthetician, Transformational Coach

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My Successful Life

I have all the KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS I need to have a successful BUSINESS, and I ATTRACT all the customers I need for TOTAL SUCCESS. Everything I need for success is in me.  I am COMPLETE AND WHOLE.

I have a continuing FLOW OF CUSTOMERS, who are SATISFIED with  my work, and who tell others about my UNIQUE ways. I have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE about my work, and what I can ACCOMPLISH to fulfill  my customers needs. I am always happy and ready to serve them. I am RESOURCEFUL.

There is always a POSITIVE OUTCOME when I TRUST, and I always come out ahead.  I am surrounded by Light, and I am in the middle of a MIRACLE, all the time.  I invite miracles into my life.  I am READY AND WILLING to accept all the ABUNDANCE God has planned for my life, and more. I have complete faith in GOD’S DESIGN for me.  I am successful in what I do, and I CAN MANIFEST all that I need, because with GOD ON MY SIDE, nothing is bigger than me.

I am CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE, and I am CONFIDENT in my abilities.  I ATTRACT positive, like-minded people to me, who are HONEST, AUTHENTIC, and moving towards the GREATER GOOD for humanity.  I am PRODUCTIVE AND FOCUSED. I have UNWAVERING FAITH I will ACHIEVE all my GOALS.  I open MY HEART and ALLOW WONDERFUL THINGS to flow to me.  I am at PEACE and in love. The LOVE I give to others is returned to me MULTIPLIED.  I ACCEPT LOVE now.

I choose to think positive thoughts.  I am BEAUTIFUL and complete.  I am WORTHY of God’s abundance, as it is my BIRTHRIGHT. I open my heart to love and abundance, now.  I am POWERFUL.  I am GRATEFUL. I am AMAZINGLY MADE.  I am constantly TRANSFORMING my life, and always MAKING IMPROVEMENTS as I GO FORWARD.  I use my challenges to CREATE A BETTER ME.  I am a RADIANT HUMAN being, full of the LIGHT AND LOVE OF GOD.  The HOLY SPIRIT INSPIRES CHANGE in me. JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD, my Friend, and my Savior.  I CAN’T FAIL!



These past couple of weeks I have been reading and studying many things, and changing options how I am directing my path. You can only benefit from my changes. I will share some of these things in my blogs – which I will write more often – as well as continue teaching you tidbits about energy, vibration, and light healing. Namaste.

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See you soon!

Mary E.K. Denison, L.Ac., M.Om, NCCAOM, CCP www.BeautifyNaturally.com www.mitzi.byregion.net

What actually is ‘Qi’, anyway?

Most people have at least HEARD of the word Qi, and many are now associating it with energy (a loose translation), but do you know that there are several types of Qi in Oriental Medicine, and that they have specific jobs?  Qi is fundamental to Asian medical thinking.  Ted Kaptchuk, OMD, in his book, “The Web That Has No Weaver” (which I highly recommend) explains it this way, “..we can perhaps think of Qi as matter on the verge of becoming energy, or energy at the point of materializing.”   Matter is energy frozen in light.  So, let’s distinguish, in this blog, the different forms of Qi, and what their purpose is.

Chinese medicine (or Oriental/Asian medicine) refers to all Qi of the body as Zheng Qi (Normal), or Zhen Qi (True).  This is what it is called before it becomes the other types of Qis in the body, with specific functions.  A comparison could be that when you were in utero, the cells that begin the process of creating you have not yet deciphered what they will become, i.e. heart cells, stomach cells, skin cells, etc.  There are three sources of Zheng Qi; Yuan Qi (Original/Prenatal), which is in part responsible for your inherited constitution, Gu Qi (Grain), derived from the foods you eat – and only good foods can create this Qi, and Kong Qi (Air) which is taken from the air we breathe in.   The combining of these three Qis create the Normal Qi, and it permeates the entire body.

What are the functions of Qi?

As I stated above, there are several divisions that take place with Zheng Qi, creating the specific Qis, with specific functions.  Zheng Qi is referred to as the Qi of the body that everyone refers to when they are talking about Qi.  Qi is in constant movement and ascends, descends, enters, and leaves the body.  It is inseparable from movement.  There are five major functions of this Qi within your body.

1.  It is the source of all movement in the body, and accompanies all movement.  Sometimes this can be a hard concept to follow, but an example could be your Blood.  Blood is a substance that will just lie there if it does not have Qi to push it along.  Blood and Qi cannot be separated; Blood nourishes Qi, and Qi moves Blood.   The development of your body happens because Qi is there to move that development along.  Qi expands with the growth of your body.  Qi is harmonious in Nature, but when it is blocked, it creates disharmony, or stagnation.

2.   Qi protects the body.  When it is healthy (harmonious, and in balance), it protects us from external influences (which we call EPIs – External Pernicious Influences), and combats them if they do enter.  They will only enter if our Qi is weak.  You know that when your resistance is low, you will get sick.

3.  Qi is the source of transformation in our body.  Remember that I said ‘good foods’?  You cannot eat junk food and expect good Qi to come from it.  It can only be created from good foods (bad foods are simply eliminated).  It combines with the Air Qi to create other substances, like Blood, sweat, and tears (how’s that for a classic!), and urine.

4. Qi governs the body’s Substances and Organs, and keeps them in place.  Basically, without that function, everything would fall out, or prolapse.

5.  Qi keeps the body warm.  This is your body heat.

I hope that this helps you understand what is referred to as your Qi.

Mary E.K. Denison, L.Ac., M.Om, NCCAOM, CCP www.BeautifyNaturally.com www.mitzi.byregion.net