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PEMF for Animals (and humans)

Fear is evil. Taken from the book by Two Listeners, God Calling, March5th.

Have no fear. Fear is evil, “Perfect love casts out all fear”. There is no room for fear in the heart in which I dwell. Fear destroys hope. It cannot exist where Love is, or where Faith is.

Fear is the curse of the world. Man is afraid — afraid of poverty, afraid of loneliness, afraid of unemployment, afraid of sickness.

Many, many are man’s fears. Nation is afraid of nation. Fear, fear, fear, everywhere.  Fight fear as you would a plague. Turn it out of your lives and homes.  Fight it singly. Fight it together. Never inspire fear. It is an evil ally. Fear of punishment. Fear of blame.

No work that employs this enemy of Mine is work for Me. Banish it. There must be another and better way.

Ask Me, and I will show it to you.


Mary EK Denison, L. Ac., Esthetician, Transformational Coach

Rapha-El Alternative Therapies, LLC, dba BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting




The Secret to Being Beautiful

I don’t remember what book I got this story from, and found its beauty in what I was trying to purvey in my work, but this says it, nicely.

I wanted to share with you a powerful short story that shares the secret to the very essence of your beautiful temple, called “you”, and how you can allow that inner beauty to shine through externally, so you can be, do, have, look and feel your best. At first glance, you may wonder what this story has to do with physical rejuvenation, but I invite you to read it all the way through, as it will become clearer as you discover the secret.

Many years ago there was an Emperor in ancient China who wished to renovate a temple n the city.  He issued a decree to his ministers to find the perfect renovators.  Many groups came forward, hoping to have this great honor of restoring the temple.  The Emperor’s ministers evaluated the groups and decided there were two groups who could be considered for such a task.  But, the ministers could not decide between the final two groups which one would be the best; therefore, they presented their dilemma to the Emperor.  The Emperor commanded, “Bring them to me and I shall render the final decision.”

The first group were the monks.  They said, ‘Your Majesty, no one cares more about the temple than we do.  You can be certain that we will do everything possible to restore the temple to its former glory.”

The second group were skilled artisans.  They said, ” Your Majesty, no one has more professional expertise than we do.  We have been doing this for decades and no one can  do as good a job as we can.  We feel we should be given the honor.”

The Emperor thought, “The ministers were right, both groups appear to be the best, and this decision is difficult.”  He called the two groups forward and said, “This is how I shall proceed.  There are two smaller temples outside of the city that have fallen to disuse.  I want each group to work on one of the temples.  At the end of the third working day, I will come for an inspection.  My final decision will be based solely on the merits of your work.”  After assigning a temple to each group, the ministers made sure that each group had all the supplies needed to complete the job.

AFTER THREE DAYS, the Emperor  came to judge the work.  First, he inspected the work of the artisans, and saw that they had done a beautiful job.  Everything inside had been completely repainted with the most beautiful of colors, which seemed to glow and command attention.  Inside the furniture was new, and everything looked brand new.

The Emperor praised their work, and said, “This is better than I had expected!  I see why you made claims to be the best at your craft.  This temple is SPECTACULAR!”  The artisans were beaming with pride.  They bowed to the Emperor, and smiled at each other.  They assumed the job was guaranteed after having received such lavish praise!

Then the Emperor went to the temple that the monks had renovated.  The Emperor was not prepared for what he saw when the shining temple came into view.  The monks had cleaned everything with meticulous attention to all the details.  The cleaned walls exposed the colors brightly that had faded over the years, displaying a beauty beyond description.  All had been cleaned with utmost care, and the temple stood revealed in its original style and ancient character.  All the furniture had been carefully polished to a gleaming finish.  The doors and windows were open and the colors of the sunset illuminated everything as if they were part of the temple.  He could see trees swaying, the clouds floating by, and the flowers in the landscape, as if everything belonged together  –  like a beautiful painting coming to life.  The temple seemed perfectly at peace, accepting everything in a perfect state of serenity.  The beauty from within was showing through like a diamond.

The Emperor was deeply moved, and saw that all his ministers felt the same way.  It was obvious of the Emperor’s decision.


The beauty was already there waiting to be exposed and expressed.  And, so is yours.  This is the very foundation and essence of the BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and Body Sculpting system, a branch of Rapha-El Alternative Therapies, LLC; to expose your internal and external beauty and make it shine in a way that no one could deny.  It’s important to me that you feel your best on the inside, as well as look your best, and GLOW on the outside.

I’m sure you noticed that the two groups in the story represented two different approaches to life.  The artisans focused on external appearance, and did a very good job of redressing the temple, and used ways in which to cover the aging temple.  They painted over, brought in new, though, paid not much attention to the spirit of the original temple.

The monks, on the other hand, emphasized internal essence.  They knew by cultivating the spirit of the temple, it would let the inner light shine through.

There is no vanity in wanting to look good, and we all get to decide what that means.  All of us want to look pleasing to ourselves and others.  It is fun, and even empowering, to wear new clothes, have nice jewelry, and want a more youthful appearance, as we age.

When you take an internal, as well as, an external approach to looking good, which the BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting system does, you will experience greater well-being in all areas of your life.  Why just cover up your beauty?  RADIATE it!

The BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting system is based on proven ancient and modern techniques and doesn’t require surgery, or injections.  It is natural and organic and you will begin to see the long lasting results within two weeks (but sessions must be completed to gain the best results).

For a free, face-to-face consultation, please contact me at 612-728-0844, or go to and make an appointment.  I really look forward to being a part of your transformational journey!

Mary EK Denison, L.Ac., Esthetician, Transformational Coach






Today I’m just going to give you some inspirational quotes from famous and successful people.  Keep in mind that many were told they wouldn’t make it, or they didn’t have talent, or ______________(fill in the blank with your own demoralizing statement)..   Always get back on the horse, even when you feel your face is on the ground – at least you took a step forward ;-D.  But, I share these with you to encourage your persistence, to stay focused on the goal, brush the dirt off and keep moving higher –     you are soo worth it!

“You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” Walt Disney

I’m actually, Dear Audience, considering giving you a series of quotes, and a list of authors, and seeing who can correctly place the person with the quote.  What do you think?  Shall we try it?  Send me your answers!

  1. .”Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
  2. “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”
  3. “I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, which is: Try to please everybody.”
  4. “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”
  5. “You fail in your thoughts, or you prevail in your thoughts only.”
  6. “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”

A.  Herbert B Swope

B. Winston Churchill

C.  Babe Ruth

D.  Robert F Kennedy

E.  Truman Capote

F. Herbert David Thoreau

I hope you enjoy the quotes and the exercise, and that they bring you encouragement to fulfill your goals with your focused intentions.  I will post the answers next week.

Love authentically, stay empowered, and keep your eye on the ball! Tap, tap, tap…

Mary EK Denison, L.Ac., Esthetician, Transformational Coach

Rapha-El Alternative Therapies, LLC/BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting,

Free 30 minute face-to-face consultation for BeautifyNaturally services, by appointment only.  612-728-0844. Phone coaching available: $75.00/hour (hour minimum) plus taxes, by an appointment secured with a credit card.

Namaste, and graces on all.





How discouraging thoughts can create resistance for your goals…

We all have them… even the best thinkers run into blocks, and resistance, and old subconscious tapes that no longer serve us, even if they did in our youth.  These old tapes protected us, on some level.  When you were born, and acclimated to this world, you did not know (or should I say, remember) fear.  You did not know that if you climbed a tree and fell out, that you would get hurt.  You just saw the climbing of the tree will get you to a higher place.  I loved being alone as a child, for many reasons.  I would climb trees.  Not only did it bring me to higher ground where I could see things differently, and see more of the land, but it kept me in a quiet place where I could meditate, think about things that I thought could get me in trouble.  For example, I never felt like I was alone.  I don’t mean that God wasn’t with me, as I knew God was always there.  I felt that I was being watched, and how do you tell that to someone without the fear of being locked up? I can see air, and I have told this to a few people, and some look at me like I am nuts.  I realize that I am able to see this energy, or maybe this is what Dr.Wayne Dyer calls Intention, everywhere I go – eyes open or shut.  Another has described it for me, Dr. Jacob Liberman, in his book “Light, Medicine of the Future” “that air was not invisible, but has a visible energy that could be observed in both particle and wave form.”

As I progressed on my journey in life, I realized that who was watching me were my angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and all that is Holy.  It took outsiders to tell me along the way, that spirit was always trying to get my attention. My own clients pointed out my Empathic gifts. I used them, because that is who I am, but I didn’t always trust its’ messages.  As I accepted this to be true, I realized that others in my family had similar gifts, or “knowings”. And now, I speak to anyone I choose about these things.  So, even though I knew there was an energy, per se, that permeated everything, and that it was at my fingertips to use, I didn’t know how to do that.  Again, in my journey of life, I discovered that the old tapes in my head were no longer useful to me, and instead of protecting me, were actually harming me, and keeping me from my life purpose, and it manifested many times in my finances.  Painful lessons. Still dealing with some of the side effects..

That created discouragement, in turn, created self doubts (lack of confidence in yourself), self worth issues (says it all..), and self doubting efficacy problems (belief you can reach that goal you – imaginarily set? – and sustain in that momentum – that same behavior – that started it all, and can you keep it going?),  in getting done the things that I needed to do to continue in my life’s vocation, and manifest wealth. Whew!  Did THAT sentence wear you out?!  It did me. And, will still wear me down if I keep putting my intention in that direction.  It doesn’t make sense to continue in this fashion… hmmm..  What has all that cost me; past, present, AND FUTURE? Let me count the ways.. Money, time for myself, time for my loved ones, sickness in my body, using things to compensate, over working, over thinking, spilling into my family life, spreading the same rules of self sabotage… not paying attention, hits the pocketbook, unclear thinking, much less focus on a path, wrinkles in face forming, another three pounds… Debt piles, pay it off, piles again, have some money, give it away – good way to stay in self doubt and worth.  No, life meant growth, but not negative growth, because that’s the opposite of expansion.  That’s implosion – not good. Causes stress and disease in the body, manifests into illness, that eventually doubles the expenses to me.  Sounds like getting rid of the blocks is a very good idea! Yes!! Are you ready? ‘Cuz I Am!!!!!

I procrastinated, told myself that it’s others and not me, and all the other self sabotaging thoughts that kept me from fully using my gifts…. that I SUPPOSEDLY thanked God for giving me! I know very well that I helped many people heal, but I didn’t want to do that as a “wounded warrior”.  That created a feeling of not being in my own integrity.  How could I tell others that “this” works, but wondered inside if that was also meant for me.  So, I knew I needed to do  my own inner work, as well.  I remember Suze Orman saying once that she had 250K (I believe) in debt, yet she was doing wealth coaching.  Of course, she turned it around, but sometimes we have to get to a position to see ourselves; therefore, heal ourselves, so we can help heal others.  I always see myself in all that I tell my clients, and in all that I read.  I take action, then.  If you have been divorced, you CANNOT talk to someone about divorce without seeing your own divorce, and the pain that caused. You can’t unsee. Once you become aware of the blocks in your life that keep you from manifesting – health, wealth, and true joy – then can you change their destructive thinking patterns.  There are tools you can use.

There is no 1% in the way that UNLIMITED Abundance means, it’s just that – God has no limits to what we ask in His Name, in His Laws, however you describe your Highest Power. Absolutely everyone can make money, if that’s where your focus is.  But, what blocks are getting in your way?  The Law of Attraction has ALWAYS been spoken off, in my belief system as a Christian, and I now understand even better some of Christ’s references – “if you had the faith of a mustard seed, you would tell that mountain to get up and move, and it would”.  “Be not afraid…” “Before you ask, I will answer”, BEFORE YOU ASK!! means to me Someone greater than me has been there.  Did I paraphrase that well?  The only blocks this energy has, are the ones you put on it.  Remove them and let the energy flow, and as you gain momentum on your healing path, many seemingly miraculous things can happen.  Just crack open the door…just a bit…

And, LOVE is key. Practice Love wherever you can, and don’t forget yourself.  You are a unique expression of Source.  Be authentic, because whatever is going on inside of you, will extend to others.  May it be peace and love and joy.

Stress – the body’s reaction to perception… hmmmm….     Would love to hear your positive comments.

Mary EK Denison, L. Ac., Transformational Coach

Rapha-El Alternative Therapies, LLC  and  BeautifyNaturally, LLC




COMMITTMENT: EVERY DAY, plain and simple.

New year. Every January I go through old files, purging those not needed, and gathering my information for my taxes, to give to my preparer.  I have been making some daily habits to improve myself, my life, and my business.  I am always seeking new things.  I daily find things for which to be grateful. I daily find at least two ways to honor someone, somehow.  I daily pray. I daily do my EFT tapping and participate in learning new and better ways to coach my clients, encouraging them to do things daily, also, as that is the only way to manifest.  In my papers, I came across this piece written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German Philosopher, who died March 22, 1832, in Weimar, Germany.

“Until ONE IS COMMITTED, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.  Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, THEN PROVIDENCE MOVES, TOO. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.  A whole stream of events issue from that decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.”



Mary EK Denison, L.Ac., Esthetician, Transformational Coach

Rapha-El AlternativeTherapies, LLC/BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting

Free 30 minute face to face consultation for BeautifyNaturally services. By appointment. 612-728-0844

Phone coaching available, $75.00/hour plus taxes. secured with credit card. One hour minimum.  Appointment set in advance.

New Year, New Paradigms

It can be amazing how something can shift in your life, and how you can immediately shift the way you think. For example, I have had cats and dogs for easily the past 40+ years.  They require care, and sometimes lots of care and time,  especially if you get a high maintenance buddy.  I had no idea how that time and care could increase (when you have several animals) until they got fleas because two of them had gotten into a dead rabbit.  WOW! If you’ve ever had fleas in your house, you understand what I am saying.  Not only do you have to spend the next three months, minimum, to get through all the cycles of killing them from your animals, you have to de-flea the ENTIRE house, several times over.  Flea eggs can lay dormant for three months – and they are TINY.  I was truly amazed at how quickly I detached from many items in  my house.  This is because all clothes, furniture, carpeting, KNICK KNACKS, books, shelves, floors, counter tops, and anything in the open, must be cleaned with either bleach, or special cleaning agents meant for that purpose, and because fleas have INCREDIBLE jumping power, you have no idea where they are..

So, once I found out, I immediately started bathing the animals – Oh GOD – while my son made a clean room, and as things were de-flea’d to the best of our possibility, we put our cleaned items in there until we got through the whole house, more than once. I don’t wish this on my worst enemy.  So, I questioned God, for what PURPOSE did You send me fleas?  And, my answer was so that I could learn detachment.  I built a fire in the fireplace that night, and I simply started burning things that I no longer wanted to keep.  I was concerned about passing them on to someone else, and the amount of laundry that this created, not knowing what might have fleas as cats go EVERYWHERE, gave us enough work.  So, I pillaged and burned that night.. I started crying, not because of the loss of items, but because I knew the amount of work I and my sons had ahead of us, and I mourned the loss of time that I had planned on spending on my business.  So, when the answer of detachment to things came to me, I had a new light on what was happening, and I now still continue to purge those things  which no longer have use in my life, or use for the greater good.  There is ALWAYS a silver lining, a spark of Light.

Reflecting on 2016, what desires did you have, or how hard did you work for something but you didn’t get the outcome you were looking for?  I’m sure many of us can relate to that.  I know I can, and had a particular thing I thought could happen – and it still might – but I had to let go of the how and my expectation of how, and that I might not get it. How did that make you feel?  I know I experienced sadness, actually a great sadness, because I REALLY wanted my outcome to happen.  I had a whole future planned around it.  Again, the story may not be completed, yet, for me. I have to honor that part of me, and respect the whole story, my participation, and willingness to simply experience the experience. I have a whole book I could write on it. Who knows, it could actually make me rich, in the end.  I kicked and screamed, and cursed, and apologized, and asked for forgiveness, and cried, and laughed, and felt incredible love. I’m not afraid to cry. As growth is very important to me, I use techniques that I have learned to dig deeper into my subconscious, to understand where the real root lies in me to have created this whole scenario. Somewhere, somehow, it vibrates with some other deep experience.  I use EFT tapping, the Sway test, the Healing Code, Prayer – lots of Prayer, and I look for what the positives in this has done for me, and what was taught to me, and how the love always came like a golden ribbon swirling its way through it all. I am GRATEFUL and gratitude begets FAITH. Certain numbers would appear to me, like 234, 1234, which I am told are Angel numbers, and I am forever finding pennies and dimes on the ground – they jump out at me now.  My daily readings seemed to back up my participation, so I believed that I was to go through this for my greater good.

I encourage you to reflect on the most important experiences you had that made the biggest impression on you, but that might also have created a deep hurt in you.  Honor that.  Everything you need is inside you.  Nothing is bigger than you.  Call on something greater than you, and listen in stillness. You are surrounded by Light, and you are in the middle of a miracle. You are beautiful. You are worthy of love. Love is your birthright.

How can I help?

Mary EK Denison, L.Ac., CCP,  Esthetician, Transformational Coach

Rapha-El Alternative Therapies, LLC/BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting    612-728-0844

Free 30 minute face to face consultation for BeautifyNaturally services, by appointment only.

Phone coaching available, $75.00/hour (one hour minimum), appointment set up in advance, secured with a credit card.

My Successful Life

I have all the KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS I need to have a successful BUSINESS, and I ATTRACT all the customers I need for TOTAL SUCCESS. Everything I need for success is in me.  I am COMPLETE AND WHOLE.

I have a continuing FLOW OF CUSTOMERS, who are SATISFIED with  my work, and who tell others about my UNIQUE ways. I have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE about my work, and what I can ACCOMPLISH to fulfill  my customers needs. I am always happy and ready to serve them. I am RESOURCEFUL.

There is always a POSITIVE OUTCOME when I TRUST, and I always come out ahead.  I am surrounded by Light, and I am in the middle of a MIRACLE, all the time.  I invite miracles into my life.  I am READY AND WILLING to accept all the ABUNDANCE God has planned for my life, and more. I have complete faith in GOD’S DESIGN for me.  I am successful in what I do, and I CAN MANIFEST all that I need, because with GOD ON MY SIDE, nothing is bigger than me.

I am CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE, and I am CONFIDENT in my abilities.  I ATTRACT positive, like-minded people to me, who are HONEST, AUTHENTIC, and moving towards the GREATER GOOD for humanity.  I am PRODUCTIVE AND FOCUSED. I have UNWAVERING FAITH I will ACHIEVE all my GOALS.  I open MY HEART and ALLOW WONDERFUL THINGS to flow to me.  I am at PEACE and in love. The LOVE I give to others is returned to me MULTIPLIED.  I ACCEPT LOVE now.

I choose to think positive thoughts.  I am BEAUTIFUL and complete.  I am WORTHY of God’s abundance, as it is my BIRTHRIGHT. I open my heart to love and abundance, now.  I am POWERFUL.  I am GRATEFUL. I am AMAZINGLY MADE.  I am constantly TRANSFORMING my life, and always MAKING IMPROVEMENTS as I GO FORWARD.  I use my challenges to CREATE A BETTER ME.  I am a RADIANT HUMAN being, full of the LIGHT AND LOVE OF GOD.  The HOLY SPIRIT INSPIRES CHANGE in me. JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD, my Friend, and my Savior.  I CAN’T FAIL!


Green, Wood energy, Liver; eating greens

Kale, one of my favorites, can be eaten several ways. Serving sizes are generally 1/2 cup, for most vegetables. Kale has approximately 100 milligrams of calcium, per serving, and eating it raw, is considered a superfood. Younger kale is more tender. Organic is best. I like adding it to my salads, smoothies, or stir-fries. Kale chips have become quite popular by cutting it up into bite size pieces, brushing them with olive oil or butter, salt, if desired, and baking them for about 10 minutes. You have to keep a close eye on them, as they can burn, easily.

Spinach is good for your bones, and also your heart. It can be eaten raw, or cooked, or as mentioned above, in smoothies. It contains iron and folate, and is low in calories. Both kale and spinach can be home-grown, and doesn’t need a lot of space, to do so. If you don’t have garden space, you can plant them in pots, or rectangular planters, placed in a sunny area. Don’t over water, but be sure the soil doesn’t dry out, either.

Broccoli has three phytonutrients, and is rich in vitamins A and K, which help your body process vitamin D. What a great vegetable to couple with the calcium rich kale! Raw or cooked, alone or mixed with other vegetables, broccoli is a no-brainer. Eat it, daily. And there is no better flavor to it than home-grown. Once you cut off the big stalks, leave the plant in the ground for smaller stalks, to appear, and harvest.

Seaweed is an ocean vegetable; therefore, rich in minerals. There are many varieties, such as, kelp, nori, Irish moss, dulse and have a salty flavor. Kelp is one of the best natural sources in iodine. Recently, I did an iodine test on myself to see if I had enough iodine. Putting liquid iodine the size of a 2×2 inch patch on my inner arm, suggests that if the patch is still there for 18-24 hours, then I have a moderate to enough iodine in my body. My patch disappeared within 3-4 hours. (Maybe I should paint myself with the stuff!) I wasn’t shocked, but I was shocked. Kelp, is also rich in the B vitamins, vitamins D, E, and K, magnesium and calcium. Kelp can aid in your body getting rid of heavy metals. Dulse is a dark red color, rich in iodine, iron, potassium, phosphorus, B6,12, and can rid yourself of heavy metals, as well. Seaweeds come in many forms; supplements, sheets, powdered. Follow the instructions on the packaging, use in flavoring foods. Seaweed can help in several physical benefits, like the mucous membranes, nervous disorders, joint pains, and skin irritations. I definitely need to add more to my diet. We like to flash fry it, and roll sticky rice into it.

My nutritional post are to encourage you to look at the foods you eat, more closely. Eating as close to Mother Nature as you can, will benefit all areas of your life. Taking care of your body begins with you. Taking care of it from the inside and outside will make you a healthier person. When you feel good, you look good, and you act good. Your confidence rises, and you give others the permission to take care of themselves, also. We can mimic what we see. I follow the 80/20 rule; 80% healthy, 20% not-so-healthy… I Read labels. Know what you’re eating.

Mary EK Denison, M.Om, L.Ac., Esthetician, LMT
Owner of Rapha-El Alternative Therapies, LLC
dba BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting

Find healing herbs right in your kitchen!

You don’t have to go very far to keep yourself healthy. Eating right (stick as close as you can to Mother Nature), and exercise (walking is free) are two of the cheapest things you can do, and when you need a boost, just open your kitchen cabinet (or look in your yard) for some of the best, natural ways to help.

Though, the FDA doesn’t make any claims to herbs healing, and you should not use this information to treat yourself when a doctor is needed, we do know that foods are necessary for survival.  The herbs listed here are foods.  Foods provide healing.  Certain foods help certain areas of the body.  They may aid in many ways.  Use at your own discretion.  I, in no way make claims to them, but offer you suggestions.  You can decide if it is for you.

Hippocrates, called The Father of Medicine, who laid the cornerstone for modern medicine (431 BC), said “Let foods be thy medicine.”

Dr. Victor G. Rocine, (circa 1930s) a Norwegian homeopath states, “If we eat wrongly, no doctor can cure us; if we eat rightly, no doctor is needed.” I do believe that doctors are needed, though, as many things can go wrong for many reasons, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take care of ourselves, naturally, too.

Cayenne can stimulate every system and cell of the body, but primarily, the digestive and circulatory systems. It can help with feeding the heart, lowering  blood pressure and  cholesterol, cleansing blood, relieving pain, inducing sweating, healing ulcers, has stopped hemorrhaging, easing congestion, and rebuilding damaged tissues.  It has been shown to inhibit cholesterol absorption.  The redder the pepper, the more vitamin A, and the mildest form, paprika, has the highest content of vitamin C. It contains beta-carotene, and is high in minerals, such as, iron, sulfur, calcium, and magnesium.  Cayenne can boost the powers of garlic, making it a fantastic home remedy antibiotic.

Cinnamon can help lower blood sugar.  I can, personally, attest to this.  I use it, daily, to keep me from being a pre-diabetic.  I have been pre-diabetic before, had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy, and it runs in both sides of my family. I do not want diabetes.  When I take 2000 mg, daily, I can keep my sugar below 100 – it was 89.  I stopped taking it for about three months, had my sugars tested and they read 131.  Alarmed, I went back on it and tested about six weeks later, and it had dropped to 99.  I will never stop taking it, again.  The best cinnamon to use is the Ceylon variety.  It is lower in coumarin, which in high doses, may be toxic.  It is high in anti-oxidants, is an anti-inflammatory, has helped in neurodegenerative diseases, and can aid in weight loss.

Garlic has been beneficial to the immune, digestive, respiratory, urinary, and circulatory systems. It is high in iodine and sulfur, protein, and vitamins A and C. Hippocrates used it to treat infections, wounds, intestinal disorders, and toothaches, and it has been shown to have antibacterial properties.   Louis Pasteur, 1850s, first recognized this.  It can work on both internal, and external infections.  Many times, it is coupled with cayenne.  Garlic has been known to keep mucus moving through the lungs; therefore, can aid in bronchial issues and asthma. It can help with worms, and as an enema (mixed with water) can help eliminate pinworms.

Ginger/ginger root has been used in Chinese medicine for years.  It aids in digestive disorders, nausea, fever, coughs, can forestall flu, thin blood, and is used in many Chinese formulas to tell the other herbs where to go.  Externally, it can help treat dandruff, the oil can cool inflammations, ease earaches, and help in motion sickness. Studies conducted in Japan, have shown that ginger can block cell mutation that can lead to cancers.

Dandelion, though not typically an herb used in the kitchen, and many people keep trying to kill this wonderful herb, is one of my favorites.  It belongs to the sunflower family.  It furnishes large quantities of nectar and pollen, necessary for feeding young bees.  (Kill dandelions, kill bees?)  They are high in vitamin A, potassium (which makes the leaves taste bitter), aids in the flow of bile, and cleanses the liver and toxicities.  Best of all, they are everywhere, and are free.  You can eat the leaves, cooked, raw, or as tea.

Parsley is a good blood purifier. and stimulator for the bowels.  It is high in iron, copper, and manganese, vitamins A, B, and C.  When dried and used as tea, it has a diuretic action.  It builds blood and stimulates brain activity.  It can allay the kidneys, but too much can irritate them, as well.  Mixed with garlic, it can help high blood pressure.

This blog was meant to get you interested in how you can help yourself, and by no means is an all inclusive listing.  I would suggest obtaining a book on natural remedies to further your knowledge.   Doing so will make you proactive in your health, and to me, that is the first major step. You are what you eat!

Mary has a private practice in Acupuncture and other alternative practices.  She is the owner of Rapha-El Alternative Therapies, LLC, and dba BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting.