What I Might Write About

I’ve decided that there are enough places where you can find out about me and my credentials, but briefly, I Am a licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine, certifications in Esogetic Colorpuncture and Mei Zen Cosmetic  Acupuncture, and numerous trainings in other forms of healings and bodywork.  I Am a Facial Rejuvenator using all of the above and more, coupled with and lead by the  Spirit of God.  “I treat, God Heals.” 

I Am a practicing Christian, believe in Mysticism, and in the metaphysical realm.  I Am an Empath, a Healer, a Warrior, and a Servant.  I don’t make claims to know it all, and I Am forever searching and learning, and trust in God’s Perfect Order and ask for Unshakable Faith.  I use many forms of healing in my work, so you may find me saging, sprinkling Holy Water, Prayer/Mass, meditations, gathering in Ether with other Healers, and the tools of my trades.  I use my hands alot, and they show that use.  I play in the dirt, love my family and animals, and do other forms of creation like sewing or woodworking.  I can dress up or down, look good or dishevlled. 

I might write about anything that suits my fancy of the day.  It could be about my work, or it could be about life, or prayer, or any number of things, past, present, future (bardos).  My intent is never to harm anyone, or insult anyone’s beliefs, though, I Am not always ‘politically correct’.  I won’t use derogatory names.  My hope, though, is that what I might write about may help someone who needs it at the time.  I will trust that God/Providence will guide me and whomever stumbles upon my writings.

I wish you all peace, prosperity, health, and abundance for God’s gifts are infinite.  Ask, He answers, Believe you are worthy.  Namaste.

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