Snapshot view of the difference of Oriental vs Western medicine

Oriental Medicine (East) may consider aspects of the body that aren’t significant to Western medicine.  The Oriental Medicine practitioner directs the attention to the complete physiological and psychological aspects of the individual, gathers that information until it forms what is referred to as ‘a pattern of disharmony’.  The Western medicine is concerned more with isolable disease categories or agents of disease, which it can isolate and zero in on.  The terminology between the two medicines can differ, also.  The East may speak of dampness, the West may call it edema, or fat.  The East refers to heat, or wind-heat, the West may call it a temperature, or a rash.  Unfortunately, terms do not always translate.  Both medicines have logic, but can appear to be pointing in two different directions.  Though, both can work together and can compliment each other, nicely.  Both forms of medicine are important to our world, health and well-being.  Personally, I use a combination of both.

Mary E.K. Denison, L.Ac., M.Om, NCCAOM, CCP

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