When you don’t understand a system, it seems unlikely that you will use it.  I want to teach you things that will help you understand some alternative ideas in natural healing, such as Oriental medicine or colorpuncture theory.  My purpose is to help you understand some different ideas, so that if you ever need or want to try another form of healing for yourself, you will have some knowledge.

The Five Principles of Yin and Yang Theory.

1.  All things have a Yin apsect and a Yang aspect and their qualities exist in relation to each other.  Even though their qualities are opposite, they describe related aspects of the same thing.  A ‘day’ consists of 24 hours, yet, it can be divided into two parts; daytime is the Yang aspect, and nighttime is the Yin aspect.

2.  Any Yin or Yang aspect can be divided further into a Yin and Yang aspect.  Therefore, within each Yin and Yang category, another Yin and Yang category can be distinguished.  For example, with water temperatures, cold water (Yin) vs hot water (Yang), each can be subdivided; cold water can be further divided into icy water (Yin) vs room temperature water (Yang).  Hot water can become boiling (Yang) vs hot tap water (Yin).  This division with Yin and Yang can happen, infinitely.

3.  Mutually, Yin and Yang create each other.  Even though they can be distinguished, they can never be separated from each other, without the occurance of death.  You cannot be describing an aspect of one, without defining the other.  How can you speak of the temperature of hot, without the knowledge of cold?

4.  Yin and Yang control each other.  When there is too much of one, there is deficiency in the other.  When they are in balance, they are holding each other in check.  They balance each other.

5.  Yin and Yang transform into each other.  This can happen by the normal course of events  – Winter (Yin) into Spring (Yang), or the sudden transformation of a disharmonious event – a building on fire (Yang) that burns down to coals/ashes (Yin).  Yin and Yang are always transforming into each other.  If they weren’t, then night could never turn into day.

When God created the world, He said; “Let there be Light”, and He saw that the light was good.  God then separated the Light from the darkness.  God called the light ‘day’, and the darkness, ‘night’.  Thus, evening came, and morning followed – the first day.  GN 1:3-5.

Mary E.K. Denison, L.Ac., M.Om, NCCAOM, CCP www.BeautifyNaturally.com www.mitzi.byregion.net

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