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The Secret to Being Beautiful

I don’t remember what book I got this story from, and found its beauty in what I was trying to purvey in my work, but this says it, nicely.

I wanted to share with you a powerful short story that shares the secret to the very essence of your beautiful temple, called “you”, and how you can allow that inner beauty to shine through externally, so you can be, do, have, look and feel your best. At first glance, you may wonder what this story has to do with physical rejuvenation, but I invite you to read it all the way through, as it will become clearer as you discover the secret.

Many years ago there was an Emperor in ancient China who wished to renovate a temple n the city.  He issued a decree to his ministers to find the perfect renovators.  Many groups came forward, hoping to have this great honor of restoring the temple.  The Emperor’s ministers evaluated the groups and decided there were two groups who could be considered for such a task.  But, the ministers could not decide between the final two groups which one would be the best; therefore, they presented their dilemma to the Emperor.  The Emperor commanded, “Bring them to me and I shall render the final decision.”

The first group were the monks.  They said, ‘Your Majesty, no one cares more about the temple than we do.  You can be certain that we will do everything possible to restore the temple to its former glory.”

The second group were skilled artisans.  They said, ” Your Majesty, no one has more professional expertise than we do.  We have been doing this for decades and no one can  do as good a job as we can.  We feel we should be given the honor.”

The Emperor thought, “The ministers were right, both groups appear to be the best, and this decision is difficult.”  He called the two groups forward and said, “This is how I shall proceed.  There are two smaller temples outside of the city that have fallen to disuse.  I want each group to work on one of the temples.  At the end of the third working day, I will come for an inspection.  My final decision will be based solely on the merits of your work.”  After assigning a temple to each group, the ministers made sure that each group had all the supplies needed to complete the job.

AFTER THREE DAYS, the Emperor  came to judge the work.  First, he inspected the work of the artisans, and saw that they had done a beautiful job.  Everything inside had been completely repainted with the most beautiful of colors, which seemed to glow and command attention.  Inside the furniture was new, and everything looked brand new.

The Emperor praised their work, and said, “This is better than I had expected!  I see why you made claims to be the best at your craft.  This temple is SPECTACULAR!”  The artisans were beaming with pride.  They bowed to the Emperor, and smiled at each other.  They assumed the job was guaranteed after having received such lavish praise!

Then the Emperor went to the temple that the monks had renovated.  The Emperor was not prepared for what he saw when the shining temple came into view.  The monks had cleaned everything with meticulous attention to all the details.  The cleaned walls exposed the colors brightly that had faded over the years, displaying a beauty beyond description.  All had been cleaned with utmost care, and the temple stood revealed in its original style and ancient character.  All the furniture had been carefully polished to a gleaming finish.  The doors and windows were open and the colors of the sunset illuminated everything as if they were part of the temple.  He could see trees swaying, the clouds floating by, and the flowers in the landscape, as if everything belonged together  –  like a beautiful painting coming to life.  The temple seemed perfectly at peace, accepting everything in a perfect state of serenity.  The beauty from within was showing through like a diamond.

The Emperor was deeply moved, and saw that all his ministers felt the same way.  It was obvious of the Emperor’s decision.


The beauty was already there waiting to be exposed and expressed.  And, so is yours.  This is the very foundation and essence of the BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and Body Sculpting system, a branch of Rapha-El Alternative Therapies, LLC; to expose your internal and external beauty and make it shine in a way that no one could deny.  It’s important to me that you feel your best on the inside, as well as look your best, and GLOW on the outside.

I’m sure you noticed that the two groups in the story represented two different approaches to life.  The artisans focused on external appearance, and did a very good job of redressing the temple, and used ways in which to cover the aging temple.  They painted over, brought in new, though, paid not much attention to the spirit of the original temple.

The monks, on the other hand, emphasized internal essence.  They knew by cultivating the spirit of the temple, it would let the inner light shine through.

There is no vanity in wanting to look good, and we all get to decide what that means.  All of us want to look pleasing to ourselves and others.  It is fun, and even empowering, to wear new clothes, have nice jewelry, and want a more youthful appearance, as we age.

When you take an internal, as well as, an external approach to looking good, which the BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting system does, you will experience greater well-being in all areas of your life.  Why just cover up your beauty?  RADIATE it!

The BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting system is based on proven ancient and modern techniques and doesn’t require surgery, or injections.  It is natural and organic and you will begin to see the long lasting results within two weeks (but sessions must be completed to gain the best results).

For a free, face-to-face consultation, please contact me at 612-728-0844, or go to http://mary.acuityscheduling.com and make an appointment.  I really look forward to being a part of your transformational journey!

Mary EK Denison, L.Ac., Esthetician, Transformational Coach