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Aging Skin

The human skin acts as a barrier between the external environment that we live in and our internal being.  It is the largest organ of our body and the only organ we need to take care of from the inside and the outside.  As we age, our skin begins to thin out, have structural breakdown, and the loss of vascularity can contribute to this deterioration.  We have less insulating capacity, show more veins, and have diminished cutaneous innervation.  It has less elasticity and the wrinkling sets in.  It has been reported that after the age of 30, there is a 20% loss of epidermal melanocytes per decade.  These are the cells that produce your tan, which is why older people can sit out in the sun and may not produce an even tan, and why too much UV radiation can be damaging.  This can increase the risk of skin cancers along with ethnic origin, sex, and where you live.

Now, while we can’t avoid aging, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to slow down the process.  Looking at your lifestyle is a good beginning.  I Am a proponent of the Sun being a part of our ‘stay healthy’ process, and I have always suggested getting some Sun exposure every day.   It gives us full spectrum lighting.  That doesn’t mean you should be out in it during the hottest time of the day – the morning hours can give plenty of benefit to your health without ruinning your skin.   Yes, too much UV radiation is not good, but you do need some to stay healthy.  Keeping yourself hydrated, eating healthy foods, and keeping yourself fit with proper exercise can all be a part of the plan, while decreasing those things that can dehydrate our bodies; coffee, smoking, alcohol, etc.  Many lotions can contain alcohols or other drying agents that can hurt the skin, and I would suggest using something simple and natural like coconut oil, or olive oil, instead.  Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid and doesn’t make you feel greasy as a thicker oil might.  I make my own body cremes using the oil of my choice, water/borax,  and bees wax (there is a process – you can’t just throw them together and expect a creme).

Visiting your doctor/dermatologist when you notice discolorations or growths is important to determine if skin cancers are growing.  Many things that show up are benign, but it is important to have them ruled out by your doctor.

My BeautifyNaturally two-part program uses a variety of techniques that help to reverse the aging of your face and neck.  By bringing back your natural glow, increasing the collagen and elastin, diminishing the wrinkles and deeper lines, reducing puffiness, and increasing blood and lymph to the face, you will look more youthful and feel your best.  This is a hands-on service.

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Mary E.K. Denison, L.Ac., M.Om, NCCAOM, CCP www.BeautifyNaturally.com www.mitzi.byregion.net