My Successful Life

I have all the KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS I need to have a successful BUSINESS, and I ATTRACT all the customers I need for TOTAL SUCCESS. Everything I need for success is in me.  I am COMPLETE AND WHOLE.

I have a continuing FLOW OF CUSTOMERS, who are SATISFIED with  my work, and who tell others about my UNIQUE ways. I have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE about my work, and what I can ACCOMPLISH to fulfill  my customers needs. I am always happy and ready to serve them. I am RESOURCEFUL.

There is always a POSITIVE OUTCOME when I TRUST, and I always come out ahead.  I am surrounded by Light, and I am in the middle of a MIRACLE, all the time.  I invite miracles into my life.  I am READY AND WILLING to accept all the ABUNDANCE God has planned for my life, and more. I have complete faith in GOD’S DESIGN for me.  I am successful in what I do, and I CAN MANIFEST all that I need, because with GOD ON MY SIDE, nothing is bigger than me.

I am CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE, and I am CONFIDENT in my abilities.  I ATTRACT positive, like-minded people to me, who are HONEST, AUTHENTIC, and moving towards the GREATER GOOD for humanity.  I am PRODUCTIVE AND FOCUSED. I have UNWAVERING FAITH I will ACHIEVE all my GOALS.  I open MY HEART and ALLOW WONDERFUL THINGS to flow to me.  I am at PEACE and in love. The LOVE I give to others is returned to me MULTIPLIED.  I ACCEPT LOVE now.

I choose to think positive thoughts.  I am BEAUTIFUL and complete.  I am WORTHY of God’s abundance, as it is my BIRTHRIGHT. I open my heart to love and abundance, now.  I am POWERFUL.  I am GRATEFUL. I am AMAZINGLY MADE.  I am constantly TRANSFORMING my life, and always MAKING IMPROVEMENTS as I GO FORWARD.  I use my challenges to CREATE A BETTER ME.  I am a RADIANT HUMAN being, full of the LIGHT AND LOVE OF GOD.  The HOLY SPIRIT INSPIRES CHANGE in me. JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD, my Friend, and my Savior.  I CAN’T FAIL!


Green, Wood energy, Liver; eating greens

Kale, one of my favorites, can be eaten several ways. Serving sizes are generally 1/2 cup, for most vegetables. Kale has approximately 100 milligrams of calcium, per serving, and eating it raw, is considered a superfood. Younger kale is more tender. Organic is best. I like adding it to my salads, smoothies, or stir-fries. Kale chips have become quite popular by cutting it up into bite size pieces, brushing them with olive oil or butter, salt, if desired, and baking them for about 10 minutes. You have to keep a close eye on them, as they can burn, easily.

Spinach is good for your bones, and also your heart. It can be eaten raw, or cooked, or as mentioned above, in smoothies. It contains iron and folate, and is low in calories. Both kale and spinach can be home-grown, and doesn’t need a lot of space, to do so. If you don’t have garden space, you can plant them in pots, or rectangular planters, placed in a sunny area. Don’t over water, but be sure the soil doesn’t dry out, either.

Broccoli has three phytonutrients, and is rich in vitamins A and K, which help your body process vitamin D. What a great vegetable to couple with the calcium rich kale! Raw or cooked, alone or mixed with other vegetables, broccoli is a no-brainer. Eat it, daily. And there is no better flavor to it than home-grown. Once you cut off the big stalks, leave the plant in the ground for smaller stalks, to appear, and harvest.

Seaweed is an ocean vegetable; therefore, rich in minerals. There are many varieties, such as, kelp, nori, Irish moss, dulse and have a salty flavor. Kelp is one of the best natural sources in iodine. Recently, I did an iodine test on myself to see if I had enough iodine. Putting liquid iodine the size of a 2×2 inch patch on my inner arm, suggests that if the patch is still there for 18-24 hours, then I have a moderate to enough iodine in my body. My patch disappeared within 3-4 hours. (Maybe I should paint myself with the stuff!) I wasn’t shocked, but I was shocked. Kelp, is also rich in the B vitamins, vitamins D, E, and K, magnesium and calcium. Kelp can aid in your body getting rid of heavy metals. Dulse is a dark red color, rich in iodine, iron, potassium, phosphorus, B6,12, and can rid yourself of heavy metals, as well. Seaweeds come in many forms; supplements, sheets, powdered. Follow the instructions on the packaging, use in flavoring foods. Seaweed can help in several physical benefits, like the mucous membranes, nervous disorders, joint pains, and skin irritations. I definitely need to add more to my diet. We like to flash fry it, and roll sticky rice into it.

My nutritional post are to encourage you to look at the foods you eat, more closely. Eating as close to Mother Nature as you can, will benefit all areas of your life. Taking care of your body begins with you. Taking care of it from the inside and outside will make you a healthier person. When you feel good, you look good, and you act good. Your confidence rises, and you give others the permission to take care of themselves, also. We can mimic what we see. I follow the 80/20 rule; 80% healthy, 20% not-so-healthy… I Read labels. Know what you’re eating.

Mary EK Denison, M.Om, L.Ac., Esthetician, LMT
Owner of Rapha-El Alternative Therapies, LLC
dba BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting

Find healing herbs right in your kitchen!

You don’t have to go very far to keep yourself healthy. Eating right (stick as close as you can to Mother Nature), and exercise (walking is free) are two of the cheapest things you can do, and when you need a boost, just open your kitchen cabinet (or look in your yard) for some of the best, natural ways to help.

Though, the FDA doesn’t make any claims to herbs healing, and you should not use this information to treat yourself when a doctor is needed, we do know that foods are necessary for survival.  The herbs listed here are foods.  Foods provide healing.  Certain foods help certain areas of the body.  They may aid in many ways.  Use at your own discretion.  I, in no way make claims to them, but offer you suggestions.  You can decide if it is for you.

Hippocrates, called The Father of Medicine, who laid the cornerstone for modern medicine (431 BC), said “Let foods be thy medicine.”

Dr. Victor G. Rocine, (circa 1930s) a Norwegian homeopath states, “If we eat wrongly, no doctor can cure us; if we eat rightly, no doctor is needed.” I do believe that doctors are needed, though, as many things can go wrong for many reasons, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take care of ourselves, naturally, too.

Cayenne can stimulate every system and cell of the body, but primarily, the digestive and circulatory systems. It can help with feeding the heart, lowering  blood pressure and  cholesterol, cleansing blood, relieving pain, inducing sweating, healing ulcers, has stopped hemorrhaging, easing congestion, and rebuilding damaged tissues.  It has been shown to inhibit cholesterol absorption.  The redder the pepper, the more vitamin A, and the mildest form, paprika, has the highest content of vitamin C. It contains beta-carotene, and is high in minerals, such as, iron, sulfur, calcium, and magnesium.  Cayenne can boost the powers of garlic, making it a fantastic home remedy antibiotic.

Cinnamon can help lower blood sugar.  I can, personally, attest to this.  I use it, daily, to keep me from being a pre-diabetic.  I have been pre-diabetic before, had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy, and it runs in both sides of my family. I do not want diabetes.  When I take 2000 mg, daily, I can keep my sugar below 100 – it was 89.  I stopped taking it for about three months, had my sugars tested and they read 131.  Alarmed, I went back on it and tested about six weeks later, and it had dropped to 99.  I will never stop taking it, again.  The best cinnamon to use is the Ceylon variety.  It is lower in coumarin, which in high doses, may be toxic.  It is high in anti-oxidants, is an anti-inflammatory, has helped in neurodegenerative diseases, and can aid in weight loss.

Garlic has been beneficial to the immune, digestive, respiratory, urinary, and circulatory systems. It is high in iodine and sulfur, protein, and vitamins A and C. Hippocrates used it to treat infections, wounds, intestinal disorders, and toothaches, and it has been shown to have antibacterial properties.   Louis Pasteur, 1850s, first recognized this.  It can work on both internal, and external infections.  Many times, it is coupled with cayenne.  Garlic has been known to keep mucus moving through the lungs; therefore, can aid in bronchial issues and asthma. It can help with worms, and as an enema (mixed with water) can help eliminate pinworms.

Ginger/ginger root has been used in Chinese medicine for years.  It aids in digestive disorders, nausea, fever, coughs, can forestall flu, thin blood, and is used in many Chinese formulas to tell the other herbs where to go.  Externally, it can help treat dandruff, the oil can cool inflammations, ease earaches, and help in motion sickness. Studies conducted in Japan, have shown that ginger can block cell mutation that can lead to cancers.

Dandelion, though not typically an herb used in the kitchen, and many people keep trying to kill this wonderful herb, is one of my favorites.  It belongs to the sunflower family.  It furnishes large quantities of nectar and pollen, necessary for feeding young bees.  (Kill dandelions, kill bees?)  They are high in vitamin A, potassium (which makes the leaves taste bitter), aids in the flow of bile, and cleanses the liver and toxicities.  Best of all, they are everywhere, and are free.  You can eat the leaves, cooked, raw, or as tea.

Parsley is a good blood purifier. and stimulator for the bowels.  It is high in iron, copper, and manganese, vitamins A, B, and C.  When dried and used as tea, it has a diuretic action.  It builds blood and stimulates brain activity.  It can allay the kidneys, but too much can irritate them, as well.  Mixed with garlic, it can help high blood pressure.

This blog was meant to get you interested in how you can help yourself, and by no means is an all inclusive listing.  I would suggest obtaining a book on natural remedies to further your knowledge.   Doing so will make you proactive in your health, and to me, that is the first major step. You are what you eat!

Mary has a private practice in Acupuncture and other alternative practices.  She is the owner of Rapha-El Alternative Therapies, LLC, and dba BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting.



Day 5, June 2 of hair treatment

Not much to say. Apply, shampoo, condition, repeat. Hair feels silky, but a bit heavy, like the oil is too much for my baby hair, daily. Think I will skip tonight…

June 1, Day 4 of hair treatment

Technically, it’s already June 2, but I was busy and couldn’t blog. So, this time, I put it in my hair for 2 hours, and not over night. It came out really soft. As I speak, I’ve now put in the June 2 treatment, and will sleep in it with my cap.  I am really liking the results.  I’ve figured out how NOT to burn my eyes, but camphor being what it is, I still feel it tingle my head with a cooling sensation.  A tad concerned about a scratch I put on my scalp from scratching too hard, as camphor can be poisonous. Literature I’ve read said not to put it on broken skin for the possibility of poisoning yourself, but it has been there the whole time, and I’m still writing to you, so HA!

May 31, 2015, day 3

Due to the fact that I was going to get up on Sunday to go to church, I decided that maybe I wouldn’t put it in my hair Saturday night. I put it in when I got home, and only left it in for an hour.  It seemed harder to shampoo out, as my hair hadn’t absorbed the oil.  My house smells of camphor, can’t even tell there is garlic in it. I’m going to wait until morning (Monday) and keep it in for about four hours.  My hair feels silky, but to be honest, I had a Brazilian blowout May 13th. I still can feel the difference, though.

dba BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting

May 30, 2015, day two of hair treatment

Well, I managed to burn both eyes, this time; one got hit with a flying drop, the other must have been fumes.. I felt I didn’t mind the burn, as much, kind of like the burn of a good Scotch, only on top of my head.  I put all my hair under the cap.  Woke feeling like my hair absorbed all the oil.  It sure feels soft!