Nourishing the Ground, first….

Yesterday, in MN, it was a BEAUTIFUL day, with Sun, no Wind, and some FREE time.. The GROUND has had plenty of time to thaw, and I had the TOOLS TO CULTIVATE my Earth. I chose to work on two garden areas, but both on the south side of my home. I spaded, pulled out some of the new weeds that were starting to come through, mixed in some corn gluten (which does kill new sprouts, and seeds – be careful how you use it), and blood meal, for nourishing the dirt. In doors, I have the tools to START NEW plants, and when ready, I will introduce them to the ground that I just cultivated. I will SPEND TIME in my gardens, making the earth READY TO RECEIVE the plants that I will introduce, WITH GOOD INTENTIONS of coming to fruition, fruits that will continue to NOURISH MY BODY, as it will pass that ENERGY ON TO ME.

What YOU do is a MANIFESTation of what you think. Thoughts are things – they can CHANGE HOW YOU FEEL, and how you do your life. Hard to BELIEVE? Think how you felt about someone – LOVE or not love – and how YOU treated them based on your feelings, or thoughts. Did you bring a smile to something that you didn’t love? Did you bring happiness to something you loved? Keep it simple… ;-).

I have heard from some, ‘why are you doing cosmetic/REJUVENATION work – why aren’t you using your skills to HEAL PEOPLE’? Well, I AM. As stated in the first paragraph, I’m cultivating the Earth. You, your face and body, are the Earth. You may have COME TO ME because the lines and wrinkles are beginning to show, or maybe they’ve been there for quite some time. Aging is not any easy thing. It is not ENCOURAGING when you wake up and you couldn’t ‘bounce’ out of bed like it seemed you did the day before. It is not encouraging when you were really ACTIVE the past few months, working out, stretching, etc. and the scale shows a two pound weight gain, because you had two cookies, or your pants FEEL MORE snug, even though your weight didn’t CHANGE, but a pocket of stubborn fat didn’t move, in spite of YOUR EFFORTS..

What I do, works from the inside out. All that shows on YOUR FACE is all that you have gone through, plus some. The ‘plus some’, is ancestral. You came with a blueprint, but that doesn’t mean, things can’t CHANGE WITHIN that – you can change the rooms around how THEY FIT you in this lifetime. Your DNA, your cells, contain all that came before, and created a beautifully unique individual, THAT IS YOU. You’ve added to the story with your life experiences. Your face is the window to YOUR SOUL. YOUR HEART has the SPIRIT of SHEN. Shen is THE LIGHT that shines through your eyes. Make your face POP OUT! RADIATE YOU! CONTOUR! Make shifts in YOUR BODY; thus, YOUR LIFE.

I give FREE face-to-face consultations. We can MAKE A PLAN that is RIGHT FOR YOU. It may include cultivating the ground, FIRST, in conjunction with the rejuvenation work. It is a WIN, WIN. You will change, and you will notice A HIGHER YOU releasing, because it is not just about outside beauty. Your outside beauty will be manifested from the INNER BEAUTY COMING OUT. It HEALs, it CHANGEs, it TRANSFORMs. YOU have to SHOW UP. Give me a CALL TODAY. I take the time to READ BETWEEN THE unspoken LINES.

Mary E.K. Denison, M.Om, Dipl. Ac. – NCCAOM, L.Ac, CCP, Esthetician
Rapha-El Alternative Therapies, LLC
dba BeautifyNaturally Facial Rejuvenation and BodySculpting
612-728-0844, by appointment, only.

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